How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

Think carefully about what prompted you to make these changes. Determine the point of access, e.g. better well-being The “5 kg throw” or “5 kg throw” option is also available. The beginnings will certainly be much easier if you set yourself a specific goal!

Set up your meal logbook!

Often we do not know exactly what we eat and in what amounts. For lack of time or willingness, we choose shortcuts and instead of a healthy sandwich at lunchtime, in a hurry we satisfy hunger with a bar.

If you want to change your diet, it is a good idea to set up a diary to keep a record of all your meals and snacks, as well as the times they are eaten. Don’t forget to drink either. This way you will have a closer look at your diet, and it will also be easier for you to eliminate unhealthy products from your diet. You’ll start taking care of your food’s regularity, watering it properly, and maybe you’ll even be interested in cooking.

Eating every 2.5-4 hours – does it make sense?

It is commonly believed that the interval between meals should be no more than 4 hours and no less than 2.5 hours. Is this true? Yes, there is some sense in that. First of all, when we have an unregulated metabolism and we need to get our body used to regular eating, in order to eliminate, for example, the attacks of hunger or notorious eating. Nevertheless, I have found out many times that a break longer by an hour or two will not cause much harm. 😉 If you have eaten a nutritious, well-balanced meal before, consisting of a combination of healthy carbohydrates, protein, fats and vitamins!

Listen to your body!

There is no specific diet for all people. Each of us is different and we are different in many ways, such as our gender, age, weight or height, which affect our diet. We live in a time when we are more susceptible to various diseases, infections and food intolerances.
This also applies to meal times. Regular food is important, but if you take a break of one hour longer, nothing will happen. This is supposed to be a healthy habit and not a sad duty.

A healthy diet, not a diet

It is believed that the transition to a healthy lifestyle involves many sacrifices, giving up your favourite products and constantly controlling your calories… change your way of thinking! Let the changes you want to make to your life happen gradually. After all, you don’t have to give up your favourite chocolate or cookies right away. If you feel like it, eat it! (not the whole package at the same time;)) Healthy eating is not a punishment, it is an element of long-term changes in your life.
It is best to gradually reduce these “less healthy” products. That’s how I started and I haven’t kept to all the rules yet. Because I like to eat chocolate, cookies, ice cream… who doesn’t like it?) But apart from this healthy meal, I know that my body doesn’t lack anything.

Experiment in the kitchen!

Try to look for healthy replacements. Use natural, seasonal products. Be creative in the kitchen! Pork chop for dinner? Why not! Use oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs. Do not fry in deep oil – bake. Add buckwheat groats and your favourite (home!) salad – a healthy meal ready.

You’re moving!

You don’t have to run marathons right away. The key to success is finding your favourite sport. You have many options to choose from: cycling, long walks, swimming, dancing or fitness. In fact, every form of activity is good. In addition, exercise releases endorphins, which combined with healthy nutrition can help in the fight against the autumn chandelier.


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