How do I choose a sleeping bag for my campsite or for the mountains?

The mountains are beautiful at any time of the year, so regardless of the temperature, you should take a few days holiday and go on a trekking or skiing trip. One should only remember to complete an appropriate piece of equipment, adapted to the prevailing weather conditions.

Whether you are planning to rest in a tent or a mountain chalet, or on a specially designated camping site, a sleeping bag, a sleeping bag, must not be missing from the list of things you need to take away. There are many models available on the market, so before you buy one you should consider which sleeping bag will be the best for a trip to the mountains?

The type of sleeping bag should be adapted to the temperature at which the night will be organised and the sex of the person who will sleep in it. Women have less tolerance than men for cold, which should be taken into account when deciding which sleeping bag to buy. However, there are some universal features of the bag that should be taken into account.

Temperature scale, i.e. the extent to which the sleeping bag works best and is warm and comfortable. Please note: do not take a sleeping bag that is too warm for you to leave, as it will be too hot during your sleep and therefore unsuccessful. The temperature ranges indicated on the sleeping bag indicate when you can count on a comfortable night’s sleep, both for men and women when you need to open the sleeping bag and in what weather conditions you need to be prepared for the risk of hypothermia.


Type of warming, i.e. filling the sleeping bag. You can choose between synthetic or natural down (usually goose or duck). It is worth remembering that down is characterized by low resistance to moisture. When such a sleeping bag is wet, it usually loses its thermal insulation properties.
A weight of the sleeping bag – the lighter it is, the better, because it will be stretched to the rucksack and put an extra strain on your wandering. It is worth remembering that thick, winter sleeping bags can weigh up to 2 kilos.
Accessories to the sleeping bag: Before purchasing, make sure that your model has an original compression bag with the straps and a hanging bracket when not in use.

Type of sleeping bag: mummy or duvet. The mummies are wide on the top, narrow down and have a hood that isolates the head. A great advantage of these models is the possibility of combining them into one large sleeping bag, ideal for two people. A duvet sleeping bag can be used during the camping, as an outfit, it can also be used at home.

Fit for height: sleeping bags up to 220 centimetres long and models for small people up to 170 centimetres tall are available. The less space there is in the sleeping bag, the easier it will be to keep it at the right temperature.
The best sleeping bag for summer and indoor use.

When going to the mountains, it is advisable to determine the accommodation in advance. In summer, when the nights are relatively warm, the temperature in the tent set up among the trees will still be completely different from that in the shelter. It should be remembered that the mountain climate is quite harsh, for example on May night the Tatra thermometers can show only +4°C, so it is necessary to prepare properly.

For outdoor sleeping, you should choose a three-season model that will last from spring to autumn. A good sleeping bag for the hostel is a summer model. You can choose any type because both mummy and duvet will fulfil their task. A synthetic filled sleeping bag will be lightweight, yet easy to fold and place in the bag.

When planning a trip with accommodation organised alternately under the tent and in the hostel, it is worth to equip yourself with a mummy sleeping bag with the temperature range from +6 to +29°C or from +2 to +21°C, if the forecasts do not indicate a hot summer. Before purchasing, you should check whether it is possible to combine the selected model with other models in order to be able to warm yourself up with your travel companion in case of unforeseen changes in the weather.

Sleeping on the campsite – under the sleeping bag

Accommodation in a trailer is a perfect solution for nature lovers who appreciate independence. Which sleeping bag will work best at your campsite? A great choice will be the model for positive temperatures, in a duet version, which will serve as a cover. A synthetic filled sleeping bag will work well during rainy weather and high humidity of the air.


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