Healthcare in the Netherlands

Insurance is the basis not only in your own country but also abroad. You never know what might happen to you, so it’s always worth being insured. The same applies to health services, as is the case with the country, which is a custom and other principles for organising society’s life. In the Netherlands, health care is not the same as in Poland.

Firstly, every person working in the Netherlands is obliged to take out health insurance. The monthly cost of basic insurance is about €110. The packages vary, some benefits cover in full and others only in part. The price depends to a large extent on the amount of so-called own risk, the bigger the premium, the smaller the premium. Our own risk should be understood as meaning that if the situation would force us to stay in a hospital and the whole treatment would be in the amount of 1000 €, then we cover 300 € from our own pocket, and the rest is covered by the insurance company. Of course, the amount of own risk varies.

You should also choose a GP near you. It is he who we go to first and it is he who decides whether we should be referred to a specialist or not. Of course, you should register in advance at the clinic. If we are not able to do this ourselves, the agency through which we work can help. When visiting, we always have to take with us a card with the policy number or a print confirming our insurance and identity document. It is also worth carrying some money with you if the clinic requires a fee for the visit. Of course, the whole amount is reimbursed by the insurance company anyway. The basic insurance package certainly includes a visit to a general practitioner, emergency treatment or hospital. If you want to take advantage of long-term dental treatment or physiotherapist assistance, the best solution would be to take out additional insurance.

In the Netherlands, the advantage is that the insurance for children under 18 is free of charge. Children and adolescents are added to their parents’ insurance policies. While stopping at the advantages, it is impossible not to mention the practically total reimbursement of prescriptions, which is not practised in Poland. In addition, low earners can apply for an insurance supplement at the Tax Office.

In conclusion, it is clear that the Dutch health system is working well. There is a possibility of accessing good specialists and modern facilities.


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