Why Some People Just Can’t Get Rid of the Unsightly Pustules

In most cases, genetic causes and an imbalance in the hormonal balance are to blame for skin impurities. This is particularly evident during puberty, pregnancy and the menopause. Then male hormones (androgens) take over and stimulate the sebaceous glands to form more skin fat. At the same time, cornification disorders of the skin can occur, narrowing the pores. Then the skin fat can no longer flow off sufficiently.

Dead skin cells additionally clog the pores

When hormones go crazy, pimples form. This mixture collects inside the pore and in the first step a blackhead is formed. For bacteria, including the acne bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, this filled “pore cavity” is a found food. The pore in turn reacts to the colonisation with an inflammation. A pimple develops.

Late acne a problem especially for women

Acne can occur even if you have had no problems with skin blemishes in your youth. “Women, who came pickelfrei by the puberty, should not be pleased too early, because the topic acne is long not yet checked off , knows Dr. Uta Schlossberger, Dermatologin from Cologne and member in the professional association of the German Dermatologen (BVDD), from their practice. “On the contrary: Women who had the tenderest peach skin when they were teenagers or who took the pill for a longer period of time are particularly susceptible to the infamous late acne, with the first wrinkles.

Dermatologists assume that up to 30 percent of the over-30’s are affected. In contrast to puberty acne, “acne tarda” appears less on the forehead, but mainly in the area between mouth and neck. In addition to hormonal causes, stress also plays an important role in late acne. “Chronic stress can lead to an increased release of male hormones,” explains the dermatologist.

Smoking closes the pores

In addition to stress, lack of sleep, cigarette and alcohol consumption as well as oily food also have a strong effect on the skin. Grade nicotine closes the pores and allows them to age quickly. “Anyone who is able to do without such stimulants for a while will notice an improvement in their skin after just a few weeks,” says Schlossberger. Sunlight, medication, cosmetics and intolerance are less common triggers of acne in later life.

Consistent facial care reduces skin impurities

In order to be able to treat the impurities, the first step is to find out the trigger. In the case of severe cases of acne, hormone preparations can be used to counteract this. In the case of allergies, it is usually helpful to do without the critical substances. If drugs are the trigger, perhaps another preparation can help. In addition to these factors, the right skin care is essential in the fight against pimples. The aim is to reduce sebum production, open pores and contain bacteria. For this purpose, dermatologists have a range of special cleansing products, facial toners and lotions at hand.

Acne at 40: special care needed

It is important not to dry or irritate the skin unnecessarily, otherwise it will become more horny and produce more sebum. “Emulsions and creams should therefore be individually tailored to the needs of mature skin. Agents against puberty acne are too aggressive for the skin from the age of 30”, says Schlossberger. “Also be careful not to rub with a washcloth or towel in order not to strain the skin and avoid minor injuries. Find out more about Microdermabrasion machine

In addition, you should use products that are labelled as comedogenic-free, i.e. do not cause pimples. The less emulsifiers and preservatives it contains, the better. Masks containing zinc, silica or medical yeast are also beneficial for the skin as they inhibit the growth of various germs.

Oils and soaps are taboo

On the other hand, everything that can clog the skin pores is taboo. Therefore, the dermatologist advises against impurities of oils – even vegetable ones. Cocoa butter, as well as fatty creams, vaseline or the like, are not suitable skin care products either. “They clog the pores and let bacteria continue to rage under the fat layer,” says Schlossberger.

Soap should also be avoided because it attacks the protective acid mantle of the skin and thus promotes the formation of bacteria and blackheads. In the case of sensitive skin with impurities, facial toner with alcohol is also unsuitable. According to the expert, an alcoholic toner can only help with oily skin with many inflammations.

Hands off household remedies

Those who use make-up should make sure that it is water-based instead of oil-based. And: “Forget about household remedies such as toothpaste, vinegar or baking powder. This does nothing but unnecessary irritation. Instead of experimenting yourself, going to the dermatologist is the best recommendation,” advises the dermatologist.

Less sugar, more whole grain

In addition to the right skin care, a dietary adjustment can also help to improve the appearance of the skin. “Studies have shown that dairy products, sugar, cereals, potatoes and meat have an unfavorable effect on the appearance of blemished skin,” says Schlossberger. “Fruit, vegetables, whole grain products and fatty sea fish, on the other hand, are good for the skin. Drink enough, this supports the supply of moisture to the skin”.


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