Cell Phone Inferno – The Sins and Sinners of Cell Phone Use

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Last evening, I fantasized that Dante of Divine Funny fame had instantly returned to life. Which he had a mobile phone. His mission was to have me create an appendix to the Snake pit, in which a place in Hades as well as a wireless punishment would be designated to various sorts of mobile phone rules lawbreakers, depending upon the gravity of their telecommunication sins. Click onĀ cell phone repair san diego to find out more.

In my dream, Dante lead my by the hand as well as acted as my guide via the scary circles of wireless Hades There, we came across the various cell phone customer types that stroll our streets and also wireless airwaves, guilty of all sorts of mobile phone faux. And also here’s what the great Florentine poet and philosopher clarified to me concerning each of them, as we came down much deeper and deeper right into the void of cell phone etiquette offense.

The initial group we met in our journey were the mobile phone message ramblers. Like the eternal fence-sitters and perpetually unsettled, the cellular phone message ramblers are to be discovered right inside evictions of Wireless Hades Their disobedience is that of utilizing up useful time, battery life and also wicked quantities of airtime minutes to leave their hapless close friends, family as well as associates endless messages that claim precious little bit.

The uums, the aahs, the many “anyways,” all resound in many tongues in the mobile phone message ramblers’ time-free skies.

Their wireless punishment? Having to summarize every 1,000+ page unique ever before created into brief, 45-second cellular phone messages– for eternity– only to shed their cordless signal at 2nd number 44. Hence talked the wonderful Dante.

We experienced the cell phone limbo residents. The only falling short of these otherwise virtuous wireless souls is their being irremediably and also persistantly technologically-challenged. While they would certainly wish for cordless Net usage, multimedia messaging, fast downloads and also MP3 music capability, their negligence in breaking open the mobile phone user’s manual relegates them to the outright basics of placing and also getting phone calls, maybe a sms message occasionally– and also absolutely nothing else.

The cellular phone limbo dwellers’ cordless penalty? An infinity of trading to the other day’s designs– completely with the Motorola Dynatac and finally to two punctured tin cans with an apparel line extended across them. Thus talked the fantastic Dante.

The Bigger Devils of Wireless Decorum Hades.

Much deeper down in wireless Hades we came across the vain darkness of the mobile phone feature and also device self-flatterers. While Dante considers mobile phone features as well as accessories required and also consequently virtuous, an extra in their usage come to be a culpable wireless wrong.

Hence we have the cell phone feature and also device self-flatterer, that wears his Bluetooth headset all over (besides the shower), carries greater than two cordless devices on his durable belt, thinks about 10 e-mail accounts per mobile phone to be also couple of, has a charger in every room as well as a cell phone case for every single day of the week.

The cellular phone attribute and also accessory self-flatterers’ cordless penalty? To ask yourself eternity with pocketless clothes, while an 8-gauge cable web links their only mobile phone to their antique earbud as they hopelessly try to link to a 20-party teleconference. Therefore spoke the wonderful Dante.

As we came down much deeper and also deeper down the circles, and also the cordless air obtained really warm, we satisfy the dreaded cellular phone ringtone sorcerers.

O ye whose strident tone riotously roars at the theater, collection, lecture hall or church, with no time out or remission, heed the thundering words of the excellent Tuscan poet. Thy major offense is to thrust the Town People upon a Classical music performance’s participants, Eminem upon a PTA conference’s, or the Limbo Rock upon your late Aunt Mavis’ wake’s. Thy aggravating scenario is to invariably stand around as the tone plays, understanding complete well it’s yours but pretending, in affected indignation, that it has to be somebody else’s.

The cell phone ringtone sorcerer’s cordless punishment? To have, for eternity, their mobile phone in their back pocket set on “vibrate” while attempting to cross a thin rope stretched across the Grand Canyon– on a unicycle. Therefore spoke the excellent Dante.

The Chilling Last Descent into Wireless Hades.

After that we concerned the last and also most terrifying part of our trip, where we experienced one of the most chilling of wireless devils, the loud cellular phone dinner-blatherer. Below, also the frightening pallor on my guide’s face told me we were prior to the extremely version of wireless transgression.

This satanic force has many faces, both masculine and also feminine. It can appear in the guise of those that pick up the phone during the first program of a supper day, never to put it down up until dessert. Or in the more subtle kind of those who thumb their means via 100 sms message while their dinner companion sits, dejected and lonely, at the various other end of the table. Or in the truly awful range of those that grab a telephone call at the dinner table, established the phone to “speakerphone” setting as well as continue a hr long discussion, while shifting their eyes from the phone to their plate, oblivious of the dinner business, who currently can not even talk due to the speaker phone’s loud blast.

The mobile phone dinner-blatherer’s cordless penalty? To be required to consume chilly dishes, alone as well as unacknowledged, for infinity, while a noisy and also ridiculous swarm of a thousand cordless trolls as well as hobgoblins flies around him talking away noisally on their cell phones. Thus spoke the fantastic Dante.

In the middle of this wireless horror, I got up in a sweat, and also I realized it was all a dream– or a headache. Or was it? All the same, I had actually then arised, to once again see the celebrities.


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