Camping With Dog

Idyllic landscapes, quaint villages, culinary delights and a multitude of opportunities to explore together – Switzerland is a small paradise for dog owners and their pets. We have put together some tips for your holiday together.

Extensive hikes in the mountains or at beautiful lakes, discovery tours through the woods – Switzerland is a scenic dream and excellently suitable for excursions or holiday trips with the four-legged friend. Especially a camping trip is a good idea: In the morning you can do a “Gassirunde” in the nature, the dog has a little more freedom of movement on the camping site and even if the fur nose sometimes barks, this is – unlike in many hotels – also no drama on most camping sites.

However, it is important to inform yourself in advance about the rules of the individual campsites:

  • Are dogs allowed?
  • Do dogs have to be kept on a leash?
  • Are there areas where dogs are not allowed?
  • And is there a place for dogs to run out on the course or in the immediate vicinity?

All in all the same applies as everywhere else: Please be considerate!
Continuous barking should be prevented, personal limits and fears respected and small “accidents” should be eliminated immediately.

On camping.ch you will find an overview of dog-friendly campsites – just click on Campsites – Search – More search criteria – General click and select “Dogs (on leash) allowed”.

Beautiful corners for dog and master – a small selection

Lake Constance

At Lake Constance dogs are welcome in most areas. In Altnau (CH), for example, there is an extra bathing area for dogs and their owners, but also in the “smuggler’s bay” near Konstanz (D) and on the natural beach between Meersburg and Uhldingen-Mühlhofen the four-legged friends can refresh themselves with their owners in the lake. Those who would like to “experience” Lake Constance by ship may take their dog on board free of charge.

Even more lakes…

Other great lakes for dogs and bipeds: Lake Lucerne with its Rigi, the “Queen of the Mountains” and its breathtaking panorama, Lake Greifensee with its nature reserve and extensive cycle and hiking trails, Lake Zug with its idyllic views and diverse surroundings, Lake Neuchâtel with its countless beaches and pleasantly flat topography, Lake Thun in the Bernese Oberland with its panoramic trails and ski areas and, of course, Lake Geneva with its exciting history, which attracts visitors with its exciting panoramic views and exciting history.

Bernese Oberland

For mountain lovers, the picturesque scenery of the Bernese Oberland is a true paradise – beautiful hiking routes, untouched nature, rugged mountain slopes, idyllic valleys. In this animal-friendly region, dogs can really get their strength up together with their masters and mistresses. At the huts the four-legged friends are welcome guests and in cable cars and gondolas they often even travel for free!


In the canton of Valais, more precisely in Bellwald, there is a very special highlight for the skin noses: the Lecky Trail. This hiking trail, specially designed for dogs and their masters, leads past crystal-clear, refreshing mountain lakes, across a glacier and through a cool forest – including nine play and training stations offering fun and variety for two- and four-legged friends.


The Ticino enchants with its lush vegetation, its varied landscapes and its “Mediterranean soul”. Especially the Valle Maggia, which stretches from Lake Maggiore to the municipalities of Lavizzara, Avegno-Gordevio, Maggia and Cevio to some inhabited and uninhabited side valleys, is a popular holiday region for dog owners and their fur noses. Lake Maggiore itself and the towns of Tenero and Cannobio are also worth a visit.


The Engadine is also dog-friendly: whether dog care or special hiking tours, whether agility courses or free food samples for the hairy guests – the tourist association Scuol Samnaun, for example, is doing its best with its services and offers for dogs and owners. And also the landscapes and contrasts of the region, as well as its endless leisure possibilities attract year after year tourists from all over the world.


The canton of Obwalden describes itself as an “insider tip”. And if you take a closer look at the tourist offer, that is not exaggerated: Hiking, touring, walking, biking, climbing, fishing, barbecuing, romping, donkey trekking, lama tours and even meeting sleddogs – everything seems possible here! For the own four-legged friend there is also a lot to discover – for example at the Lungernsee, where owners can fish and the fur noses can bathe relaxed.

The dog needs this for the entry into Switzerland

EU pet passport

Microchip (or readable tattoo from before July 2011)
Valid rabies vaccination (first vaccination by a veterinarian at least 12 weeks old, valid until the end of the protection period specified by the manufacturer, entry at the earliest 21 days after completion of the complete vaccination protocol).

Other provisions:

Puppies under the age of 12 weeks may only enter the country if they are accompanied by their mother or if the owner or veterinarian has declared that they have never been in contact with wild, rabies-prone animals.

Dogs less than 56 days old may only enter the country when accompanied by their mother.

Dogs that have been docked are prohibited in Switzerland, but may be taken along by owners living abroad for short stays (holidays, etc.). They must be declared to customs for a deposit, which will be refunded on departure (also at another customs office).

A maximum of 5 dogs may be taken on holiday.

For list dogs there are partly cantonal regulations. Please ask here before at the concrete destination which regional or local characteristics are to be considered!

Dog excrement must be removed immediately.

During the breeding and setting times special consideration is to be taken.
There is no general obligation to use a leash or muzzle – here the different regulations in the individual cantons must also be observed.

Detailed information on entry requirements can be obtained from the Swiss Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs (BLV).

And here you can find the right campsite for you and your fur nose(s): camping channel.


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